Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission

Guided by the Montessori Philosophy, our mission is to preserve and enhance the educational journey of a child, which begins at birth. Our goal is to develop confident, competent, self-disciplined and driven individuals, who can work cooperatively for the benefit of society.

Our Philosophy

The Montessori method of education is a lifetime adventure, which begins with a carefully prepared environment, allowing every child the opportunity to develop at their own pace, while preserving and heightening the natural love of learning.

Dr. Montessori used the scientific approach based on observation and experimentation. Post analyzing results she found that, young children needed hands on experiences in order to develop their sensory- motor and cognitive thinking skills. She found that as learners, we move from concrete to abstract and developed teaching material for language, math, practical life, science, geography and more, centered by this idea.

Our philosophy is to mirror her method while adjusting to the developments of technology and expectations of the current time and world. Each child is carefully observed by the guides and presented with material that scaffold forward their interests and skills. Set in this manner our classrooms offer a learning environment free of prefixed perimeters based on age, which allows for unstifled learning and advancement. Mixed age group classes allow for further growth by children observing their peers and making decisions on their personal advancement.

We have created observation-based classrooms, which allow for individually catered curriculum, leading to the success of each individual child, while allowing intricate social growth within the group.