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Learning the Alphabet: 4 Activities to Teach Your Montessori Preschooler

The Montessori preschool in Winnetka sees learning the alphabet as one of the most important lessons because it’s the first step toward reading. Montessori teachers suggest teaching the alphabet as soon as possible, giving children a head start on a skill that is the foundation for all future learning. 

Your preschooler can start learning the alphabet before they’ve started classes with the following at-home activities that follow the Montessori method.

1. Have your child read along during storytime

Schedule time to read a book with your child, whether before bedtime or in the middle of the day when both your schedules are free. Start by reading out loud to your child and guiding with your finger along each word. This helps your child associate sounds with individual letters and letter combinations. Your child may begin to recognize words and say them out with you. The joy of getting words right and learning new ones will help turn your child into an avid reader at home.

2. Mix the alphabet into daily life

Surround your child with the alphabet and they’ll pick up letters and sounds faster than if you only dedicated some time to them. You can put together alphabet sets for your child to seek out letters as you call them, have them write letters in an alphabet notebook, or copy words down from a newspaper or magazine. They can also sing along to alphabet songs. By filling your child’s environment with the alphabet, you help them absorb new information naturally.

3. Write out their name and favorite things

When your child is ready to start spelling out words, you can begin with their name. It will be one of the easiest words to spell, as they’ve grown up hearing it and have a personal tie to it. Begin with their first name, then nickname if applicable, and last name. After they’ve mastered that, have them spell out their favorite things, like TV/movie characters, types of toys, animals, and the names of their family members. Their personal interest in each thing or person will motivate them to learn.

4. Create lower and upper case letters with pipe cleaners

Your child will need to learn lower and upper case letters, though if they’re in school, they might be focusing on upper case. It’s important to introduce both equally, which can be difficult because most letters in books are lower case. To get in practice, have your child complete activities that focus on both formats. One activity is creating letters with pipe cleaners. They’ll focus on the shape of each letter—lower and upper case forms—as they shape the fuzzy sticks.

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