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Enjoy the Spring Weather with These Preschool-Friendly Outdoor Activities

Now that spring is here, the weather is warm enough for your preschooler to play outdoors. If they’ve spent the past year cooped up at home because of COVID-19, now is the perfect time to bring the outdoors into their education. Like the students attending the Montessori preschool in Winnetka, your child can turn the outdoors into an extension of their classroom.

Build and fly a kite

In a Montessori-style education, kites double as toys and science lessons. While building their kite, children can learn about the importance of the kite shape. There are a variety of kite-shapes they can experiment with, such as the traditional diamond shape backed by a cross-shaped support, and the folded heart-shaped kite kept together with staples. Teach them how the kite’s shape will help it coast against the wind, and why wind resistance is necessary to keep it afloat.

Toss differently sized water balloons

This can be a game or straight science lesson, but your preschooler will have fun regardless. Fill multiple water balloons with different amounts of water and draw chalk circles at various distances on the pavement. Have your child guess which water balloons will have the best chance at traveling that distance. You could also have your child throw each water balloon as far as they can and decide if heavier or lighter balloons have better reach.

Your child could also experiment with helium balloons and figure out how much weight is needed to keep them from floating away. This activity can be done indoors if you’re worried about losing the balloon. Both water balloon activities are meant to introduce your preschooler to weight concepts. 

Aim flying discs at targets

Your preschooler can practice gauging distance and depth by tossing discs at different targets. Place various objects around the yard, or post bullseyes on outdoor furniture, and try hitting the target or landing as close as possible. If using a frisbee, your preschooler could experiment throwing from different angles. At farther distances, the frisbee will hook, which could lead to discussions about the science.

Continue experimenting in the great outdoors

Keep your preschooler engaged by giving them new outdoor activities whenever they go out to play. The more they have to do and learn, the more likely they’ll continue to explore the world on their own when they grow up. That’s one of the key goals at Montessori preschools, inspiring children to explore their love of learning long after they finish school.

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