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The Advantage of Mixed Age Groups in Montessori Preschools

Your local Montessori preschool in Chatsworth uses a teaching method that is defined by several principles. One of the largest ones is a commitment to educating children in mixed-aged groups. This provides multiple benefits, including a peer-based role model system, fostering community, and preparing children for the outside world when they’re not at school or home with the family.

Creates a role model system

As children age through the program, they naturally take up leadership roles to guide their younger peers. Older children recognize that their younger classmates are learning the same topics they did a year or two ago. Knowing that they’ve passed the same curriculum, they confidently assist their peers and further master their skills. When the older children age into Montessori elementary school, or another school, the younger children will take their place as role models. 

In addition to building great leaders, the Montessori system builds confidence in children. They’ve proven to themselves that if they work hard, they can become leaders. They also learn that there’s always room for growth, as when they age out of the preschool they’re back to being the youngest in the classroom. That transition can be a challenge for some children, but they’ll learn they can become role models again with time and effort. 

Fosters community among children and teachers

Mixed groups allow children to build familiarity with people of different backgrounds and ages. The Montessori preschool becomes a small community where children form close friendships and build respect. They learn from each other, both through the role model system and by observing different behaviors. This builds the foundation for a strong ability to connect with others outside of the classroom, long after they’ve left the Montessori classroom.

Prepares children for the outside world

For the first years of their lives, and sometimes up to their high school years, the most social interaction children get is at school. Often, they most interact with classmates, teachers, and family members. The Montessori preschool diversifies children’s social practices by letting them mix with those within three years of their age. Three years provides a healthy mix of different developmental stages without an uncomfortably large gap.

Montessori Preschool in Chatsworth, CA

Each Montessori school honors the Montessori method, which features more than mixed age classrooms. Learn more by speaking with your local Montessori preschool’s director about the child-led curriculum and the variety of topics. If you’ve never been to a Montessori school, you’ll quickly understand why Montessori schools have been established throughout the world. It’s a unique learning experience for every child.

Valor Montessori Prep’s mission is to provide child-guided education for children aged 3- to 6-years-old that inspires lifelong learning. Contact us to learn more about our hands-on Montessori preschool in Chatsworth and Winnetka.

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